Superbowl 2015 What To Wear?

Going to a superbowl party and don’t know what to wear?

The superbowl is one of the most social events of the year, it makes sense that people consider what to wear at a Superbowl party. Most men wear their favorite team jersey but most women have to plan their game-day outfit. Just because you’ll be lounging around watching TV all day does not mean you have to wear sweat pants and a sweat shirt. There are several options to look good on game day.

This years game-day colors for the New England Patriots are blue, red and white and for The Seattle Seahawks dark blue, bright green and silver.

Most sporting goods stores have sports jerseys for women that have been tailored to fit women’s shapes. Women’s jerseys look good teamed with a fitted long sleeve cotton shirt or turtleneck and blue jeans.

Another option is to wear something from your closet that matches team colors. If you are a Patriots fan you can wear blue, red, white or silver. If you are a Seahawk fan you’ll want to wear blue, bright green and silver. Since both teams have blue as one of their main team colors blue jeans are a safe bet for pants. For a top you can use a solid color or mix and match within your team colors.

If you have nothing in your closet we have a few bright green and a few red sweaters left at the Runway 67 store. For the next three days they will be on sale for $15 each. We will be closed on Superbowl Sunday to enjoy the game with our friends.

Have a fun and safe Superbowl party!